Online Training Programme

Online Training Programme

At Speak2Impact, we offer a selection of tried and tested workshops aimed at building confidence and increasing effective communication.

Companies are having to adapt to a new way of working, which has created a huge emphasis on the need for high quality interactions as professionals navigate an alternative style of connecting, both internally and externally.

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Speak2Impact has created an online programme to ensure a consistent and relevant platform is in place to provide ongoing training to all employees

The Programme

For a monthly subscription fee, Speak2Impact will provide the following:

  • Twice-a-Month Workshops
  • Consultancy on Internal Messaging
  • Bitesize Vlogs to Accompany Training
  • Add-on Coaching Packages

Twice-a-month Workshops

Speak2Impact will host two online workshops per month, to be selected in advance from a menu or designed to fit a requested subject. These workshops last around 60-75 minutes inclusive of live Q&A. Workshops are for unlimited amounts of attendees, and can be repeated as often or as little as necessary. The programme is put together in advance and reviewed on a 6 month basis.

Consultancy on internal messaging creation

Up to three hours consultancy on monthly vlog creation, for internal distribution. Improve working relationships throughout your company by designing and delivering short video messages that can be used to inform and inspire your workforce in times where remote working can make colleagues and teams feel disconnected from one another. Receive guidance and consultancy on subject, content development, performance and editing.

Bitesize vlogs to accompany training

Bitesize, bimonthly vlogs to accompany the theme of upcoming workshops. These short, effective videos contain ideas and tips to implement training from the most recent workshop and are perfect for those who are unable to dedicate an hour of their time to the sessions, but need high level summaries of the subject with practical follow-up actions. These mini videos will signpost to learning materials and resources for those who want to explore the topic further.

Add-on coaching packages

For those who request a more intensive approach to their personal growth and development, additional online coaching can be arranged in a package of 6 x 60 minute sessions (plus one initial trial or ‘chemistry’ session at no additional charge). A certified coach will be carefully matched with the individual to help them unlock, reframe and perform at their highest potential. This is offered at a discounted rate to participants of the subscription package.

By signing up to Speak2Impact’s subscription package, a company can take control of its entire learning and development programme. This training offer can independently provide or work alongside internal L&D services, to ensure a consistent and relevant platform is in place to provide ongoing training to all employees. Communication will be improved, client relationships will be developed and internal interactions will be significantly strengthened.

Costs and Investments

This product is available to a limited amount of companies, and runs for 12 months (with a 6 month review), at cost of: £1,000 (+VAT) per month. The workshop topics are agreed on and confirmed in advance of the roll out and are reviewed every 6 months.

The workshops are open to unlimited amount of attendees and will be run via Zoom (unless otherwise specified) There is an additional cost for individual coaching services. Coaching Sessions are available at a discount of 20% to subscribers. An executive level coaching package costs: £960.00 (+ VAT) for six x 60 minute sessions and one initial trial session.

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